Hannah Owens

Winchester School of Art 2014

De Montfort University
Instruction Received

Hi Hannah

Here are your instructions for the No Working Title project:

Attend an event and photograph natural life drama. Take as many photos as possible, capturing drama and emotion. Arrange the photos to tell a story. You don’t have to use all the photos you take. The photos of people must be natural shots and therefore the subject can’t know they are being photographed. How you present the story is up to you.

All the best

De Montfort University
Instruction Sent

No Working Title Instructions:

1. Start by getting hold of some old family photographs; the further these images go back the better.

2. Please conduct research into family history based on these family photos. This process should be documented, as well as your thoughts and feelings towards information you have uncovered. This could be through notes, working into photographs, prints, drawings and any other mediums you would like to explore.

3. On a large piece of fabric begin to arrange and attach the documentation of your family history.

4. Work on top of the collage drawing the family members you have researched most. You could use any possible drawing mediums including pens, pencils, graphite, or it could be stitched or sewn.

The piece created should show a narrative of your family history. You could create a family tree, documenting your family history up until present day; alternatively you could focus on specific family members whose lives particularly interest you.