Lewis Clark

Winchester School of Art 2013

University of Lincoln
Instruction Received

The collaborations aim is to create two images, which observe a possible change in colour, composition, form and energy, when observations are made at a particular location over time.

You are to select a location, coastal, rural or urban and choose a surface to work on; this could be paper, canvas, board or wood. The size of the work has to be A3 or larger, with the same location used as the basis for the image each time.

The first image must be made in situ and has 30 minute time limit, this work is not to be used as a reference for the second piece.

The second image should be made in the studio or away from you chosen location, a photo should be taken to refer to, though this should only be used briefly as a reference, your studio image has a 2 hour time limit.

University of Lincoln
Instruction Sent

1. Locate a Dictaphone or any other device capable of recording audio.

2. Select a piece of local architecture.

3. Using the device (whatever it may be) record the possible manipulations you may like to perform on this existing construction if you were given the opportunity. Whether those manipulations concern the actual physical state of the structure (perhaps taking out a window, adding in another door etc.) or something more visual like changing it’s colour, it is entirely up to you but your ideas have to be documented through a sonic process only.

4. Nothing visual is allowed, only sound.