Michael Robert Thebridge

Winchester School of Art 2012

Bath School of Art and Design
Instruction Received

1. Construct a canvas of measurements 40cmx120cm

2. Only using the colours Crimson Red, Turquoise, Saffron Yellow, Magenta and Emerald Green.

3. Pouring the paint on the canvas one colour a day for 5 days.

4. Document each stage as you go along to see how the process develops.

(It is up to you what type of paint you use how you pour it and how you present it)

Look forward to seeing you

Bath School of Art and Design
Instruction Sent

1.Find some images/ objects/ artefacts – anything that sparks an interest and can create a dichotomy when put together. the images should probably juxtapose each other where a convergence will create tension

2.Edit and collage images/objects – try and fit the images together, create a dialogue between them. make copies of the images/objects and work with them. the product should be greater than the formative parts.

3.Subject it to a process beyond your control – make a copy of the product of the previous works by applying a process that may distort the image, but an element chance should control the outcome.] –

4.Translate into another medium – take the image/ object produced in the previous stage and translate it to create an entirely new piece of work. you should attempt to induce the same reaction with the copy, though that will inevitably not happen.

Michael Robert Thebridge artwork