Maya Lukasik

Winchester School of Art 2012

Chelsea College of Art & Design
Instruction Received
Chelsea College of Art & Design
Instruction Sent

Try to show an impression about human body (size, shape, move) on black and white photos.

From the pictures that you and I prepare, lets try to make a short “ghost story”.

Use: digital camera, stand, flashlight, candle light or cell phone (anything what can makes a small light).

Set the camera shutter for 16 or more (sometimes it is 32). Set the long time of irradiation
(for example one minute and more but you have to do the samples ). Turn off the other lights in the studio. Use the flashlight to draw on the air in darkness. Prepare sketches or make your drawings live in studio/ room. You can work with a model or use furniture but it is not necessary. Show the whole person or just detail: face, hand, foot etc. Make experiments, have fun. The more strange it is, the more interesting it is to me. Take as many pictures as you need and then choose about ten of the most interesting ones and prepare them on cd in jpg.

But please, keep the rest as documentation.