Jessica Taylor

Winchester School of Art 2012

Norwich University of the Arts
Instruction Received

You are to alter a space, in any way you choose, using any medium, in order to create a new/different experience for whoever should enter it. It should transform the space from its original constraints and provide an experience of transportation for the audience/participants; ultimately resulting in people becoming more aware of not just the space but themselves and their relationship with it. What feelings evoked or atmosphere created will be of your choice, as will the documentation and final display of this piece for the reveal of the work.

Norwich University of the Arts
Instruction Sent

1. Source and collect different images for collage.

2. Assemble a collection to create a fantastical narrative collage. The aim is to evoke questions but tell a story at the same time. The pieces are to look awkward like a collage but retain a dreamlike quality of a fairytale.

3. Take your time assembling the collages and trying every combination, these will be the basis of your work.

4. Try to keep the collages from being so settled try to create tension within the image/story whether its tension between the colour or the images relation to the landscape.

5. Once the collages are finished choose however many you need or want to create the narrative it can be one that stands alone or a series that unfolds.

6. The medium you choose to express these collages is up to you , the images will not always work with the same medium so it will depend on which collage/collages you decide to work with. Try to stay in control of the medium the final image should not be left to , to much chance although there is always an element of chance.

7. The size is important , the work has to be large, it must be imposing , you should feel overwhelmed by it a part of you questioning could you step into this other reality.