Jay Shelley Heathfield

Winchester School of Art 2012

Bath School of Art and Design
Instruction Received

On Monday 5 March after you wake up you will put on your
You will be wearing those clothes all day and all week
Everything from the shoes to the coat need to be the worn the
You may change your underwear as often as you wish
Preferably wearing the same socks, if you choose to wear them,
if not an identical pair must be wore throughout the week
If you are not wearing items of clothes at specific times,
they need to be take with you everywhere anyway
Before you go to bed you are allowed to take the clothes off,
it should be the last thing you do before you get into bed
You can wear what you want in bed
When you wake up you must wear only the selected clothes
No dressing gown to the shower, for example
You are not allowed to wash the clothes in any way, shape or
Throughout the week you will be keeping a diary
Include anything and everything you like
You must have a date and time before each entry
The diary should stay on you at all times
On Friday 9 March you will wear the same clothes as you have
been all week to London
You will bring with you an appropriate hanger for each item of
clothing in your weeks outfit, by appropriate – the hanger
which best shows off the clothes
Footwear doesn’t need a hanger
You will bring an all-in-one (boiler suit/onesie/painters
overall/etc) to get changed into at the Camden Arts Centre,
but only after the meeting between you and I
You may wear what you like underneath the all-in-one
Your last diary entry will be whilst your getting changed
After the exhibition you will take home everything you brought
with you other than the diary, that will be for the exchange
of work
Things to think about:
what outfit you are going to select, knowing your weeks plans
and what that involves
the diary is a way of documenting the live work, included
thoughts and feelings, experiences, photos, quotes etc
it can be a funny and light hearted experience so doesn’t need
to be taken too seriously, but try your hardest to stay true
to the instructions
this experience will be something that you probably would
never have chosen to do before and so try to make it
worthwhile by recording anything and everything relevant in
the diary
the clothes will record your weeks activities, so don’t be too
afraid about cleanliness as it is only 5 days

Bath School of Art and Design
Instruction Sent

Please email me an address as I want to post to you plastic
bags I have already cut into long strips.
(this will save you a lot of time)
It maybe helpful to make or reuse a frame (from old canvases)
Depending on your ideas, this kind of structure may be helpful
to stretch and hold it altogether,
either by tying, gluing or using a staple gun round the
Find any other materials, textiles, textures that you can
think of to interlink, weave with the plastic strips.
Think about anything you could use from home especially
Play with any mixed media e.g.; paint/sparkle stuff/glue.
Even sewing of any items onto strips etc.
I am leaving you the freedom to make what ever you like.
The use of a frame is just a suggestion apart from the
materials I leave with you total freedom in what you make and
how you go about it.

Jay Shelley Heathfield artwork