Holly Chatburn

Norwich University of the Arts 2012

Bath School of Art and Design
Instruction Received


In the envelope you should find some plain A4 paper.

Also attached are instructions how to make a sonobe cube.  Use this paper to make 10 of these cubes.  If you have trouble making the cubes, type sonobe cube into YouTube and click on the first result.  This will make it a little clearer.

Once you have made 10 of them, leave 5 of them in bus stops, and 5 on benches around Norwich city centre (anywhere within the specified radius shown on the attached map) on Saturday the 18th of February. Take an image of the cubes in each location.

On Sunday the 19th, go back to each location.  If any of the cubes are still there, take them home with you and unfold them.

Get the images developed to standard 4×6 size and mount each photograph on its own piece of A4 black card and keep any unfolded cubes with the appropriate photograph.  (If any of them remain there at all).

I will reimburse you for the image printing on the day.

Best wishes.


Bath School of Art and Design
Instruction Sent

Hello Daffyd,

My instructions for you are pretty minimal. I would like you to think about the notion of a shell in the broadest possible sense and respond to that in any way that you see fit.


Holly Chatburn artwork