Emma Cooksey

De Montfort University 2014

Norwich University of the Arts
Instruction Received

Dear Emma,

I have attached a text that has been important in my own practice. “I, Pencil” is written in the first person from the point of view of a pencil. The pencil details the complexity of its own creation, listing its components and the numerous people involved. The text highlights the fact that there are countless people that are linked together in the making of something so small and simple and yet there isn’t a master mind. Anyone dictating or forcibly directing these countless actions and interactions which make the pencil possible, it is instead the invisible hand of the market. I would like to begin by asking you to read this text and then, if you have the time, watch this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IYO3tOqDISE Using whatever medium and scale you choose, I would like you to create a piece of work using the themes from the text as your starting point.
Good luck

Norwich University of the Arts
Instruction Sent


Add the date of your birthday together, for example: the first of January 1992 would be


Take this number to the corresponding number of the alphabet so for example 13 = M

If the number is more than 26, start the alphabet again so for example if your birthday added up to 35 you would be i

Take a photograph of someone whose name begins with this lette

Print it out on a lazer jet printer at high quality a1

Adding up your birthday again, take the end result number and photograph somebody who is that age.

Print it out on a lazer jet printer at high quality a1

Cut both imagesĀ  exactly in half

Spin the left side of the first image 180 degrees so it is upside down in regards to the right hand side of the image and attach together in any way you wish.

Do the same for the second image

Hang the manipulated images separately on to the wall using 2 nails and 4 bulldog clips. Do not nail through the images themselves.

Looking forward to meeting you at the Tate and seeing what you produce!

Have fun!

Emma xx