Rebecca Kirkpatrick

Chelsea School of Art & Design 2012

Norwich University of the Arts
Instruction Received

Katrina Bautista instruction

Norwich University of the Arts
Instruction Sent

1. Katrina must immediately cut the contents of the box up into smaller sizes, place the contents of the box in the freezable bags provider, place in a freezer and freeze until the morning of Friday 9th March. She will remove from the freezer the bags and their content, and bring them to the Camden Arts centre, allowing time for defrosting, perhaps during the journey.

2. In the time between the 13th of February and the 9th of March Katrina will read the text provided, informing her of all that is necessary to demonstrate ownership. The documentation may be quoted from or referred to, but to be ostensibly credited as Katrina’s own work.

3. Taking full ownership but not to tell anyone this is an instruction received to do so, Katrina will offer these around on a plate to those attending Camden Arts Centre.

4. When challenged or questioned, Katrina is to ensure to the best of her ability that she is recognized as the producer and the owner.

5. When, and if questioned over what were the instructions received, Katrina must say it was to bring something homemade, and in exchange continue to acknowledge authorship.

Rebecca Kirkpatrick artwork