Hannah Blight-Anderson

Bath School of Art and Design 2014

Winchester School of Art
Instruction Received


I would like you to document the weather each day for 20 days. Soon you will receive a package of 20 postcards addressed and stamped to myself.

From the 5th to the 25th of March I want you to send me a postcard a day reflecting the day’s weather. This can be through text, photographs, painting, drawing etc. but you must use a mixture of at least 3 mediums over the 20 days.

If you can’t get to a post box each day that is fine you can send a few at a time if needed.

At the top of each card you send please right the date of that day so we can compare how we both interpret the weather that day.

Please make sure your postcard for the 25th of March is sent that day so that it arrives with me in time to go to London. All the postcards will have 2nd class stamps on apart from one which will have a 1st class stamp and this one is the one you send last. Other than that it doesn’t matter what order you send them in.

I will be doing a parallel project with you so you will receive 20 postcards from me throughout the month.

We will then bring our collections of 20 postcards together at the Tate and decide how best to display them.

Enjoy and see you on the 28th

Winchester School of Art
Instruction Sent


Within the next 10 days I’m going to send you a series of objects
Some may be preschools or hold strong emotional value
Each object will be selected very carefully by myself .
Once sent they are yours
Through the evidence I send you I want you to create a portrait of how you perceive me through what I’ve broadcast to you.
You can create this portrait by any means nessisary.