Ella Cunliff

Bath School of Art and Design 2012

Norwich University of the Arts
Instruction Received

Alicia Rodriquez instruction

Norwich University of the Arts
Instruction Sent

1) Take one ball of string at a time, walk up and down a 3m space laying the string out in a line as you go, tying on another ball as needed. Repeat this process three times, so you will need to start again after you have used three balls. Once you have the three gathered strands, plait them together.

2) Taking the string from the plait that you previously made, tie lengths across a frame/structure of your choice, tying them into place. Once you have done this weave more lengths into them.
You may not need all the string for this one, it could be quite small but you might need to cut the lengths.

3) Again taking one ball of string at a time, stretch lengths of it from one surface to another, or drape it, think of this as drawing in space.

4) Use the string again in a way that you choose

5) After each process return the string to its original 9 balls as best you can, this may involve tying bits back together.

6) Document this by recording the sounds as you are doing it. It might be nice to photograph each piece as well but that is not essential.

7) Bring the nine balls of string along with the documentation and instructions to meet me in London.

I did a drawing,
I never draw anymore.
I wish I had kept it,
my mum wanted it.