Molly Wragg

University of Lincoln 2013

Winchester School of Art
Instruction Received

The instructions for the project are as follows:

Make a response to this following quotation…

[Quotation](Mathematics of Life – Unlocking the Secrets of Existence by Ian Stewart 2012)

‘Numbers are the basics to mathematics, just as scales are the basics to music, but the subject matter of mathematics are much broader: shapes, logic, processes…anything that has structure or pattern. We can also include uncertainty, which might seem to be the absence of pattern, but the early statisticians discovered that even random events have their own patterns, on average and in the long run.’

Think about how processes and code construct us but do not define us.

Winchester School of Art
Instruction Sent

You are required to explore the theme of time and movement through the use of photography, experiment by capturing multiple moments of time within each singular image. Focus only on one subject, and capture the movement purely of that chosen subject. From these experiments select 25 photographs to then be displayed in your own selected sequence.