Naomi Fitzsimmons

Chelsea School of Art & Design 2012

Norwich University of the Arts
Instruction Received

Rachael Townsends Artwork

Norwich University of the Arts
Instruction Sent

‘Ever since learning to move again I’d felt that all my acts were duplicates, unnatural, acquired’ (Tom McCarthy ‘Remainder’)

Exploring this in a variety of different mediums or approaches I want you to re create or re enact the following descriptions. The images I am describing are taken from ten minutes of documenting a mundane scene, the instructions are to interpret these scenes through performance, sound, drawing, photography or any medium you feel appropriate. You can try to re enact them all or focus on one particular description or a handful to re enact or interpret.

The aim of the work is to examine the gap between receiving instructions and performing them physically. To open up art instructions to interpretation approaching them in a more musical way, of composer and performer. The work is inspired by the Fluxus notion of ‘mindful of the mundane’ and investigating reality and the perceived reality, the real and the fake.

Man with trolley enters from left,
Girl in green jeans with two men cross camera,
Two white cars pass each other in the background,
Blue soft-top car pulls into road,
Baby blue Vespa travels in background bus follows it,
Woman with large blue bag crosses right to left,
Cyclist with visibility rucksack,
White car comes from behind camera and slowly turns left out of street,
Woman in red jacket in background to the left,
Two men talk in background,
Car spotlights opposite,
Men shout and high five,
Boy in navy puffa jacket runs across foreground with hands in his pocket,
Police car drives past,
Car beeps,
Man drinking beer sets can on ground and talks to friend,
Girl in red coat eating crisps crosses diagonally following a man in leather jacket who glances back,
Rustling bag noise,
Girl in white hat with pushchair enters from right,
Woman with two skipping children follow the girl waves,
Sniffing nose noise,
Man picks up beer and walks away,
Car pulls in as man walks in front of it,
Two double buses pass,
Orange jacket walks across screen,
Pushchair with two blue bags crosses left to right,
Man in black in foreground crosses slowly right to left as he speaks on phone,
Girl in hood wheels trolley stops half way then carries on,
Girl with flower in her hair,
Hear pigeons flapping,
Hear talking,
Mercedes pulls in to road white van follows man gets out of car with child, Orange trousers in background cross screen right to left,
Pigeons fly,
Girl to the right unlocks bicycle with a basket on it,
Car beeps and sound of keys unlocking,
Red car pulls into road followed by a silver one,
Old woman with shopping cart crossing from the left to right,
Yellow van in background,
Girl swinging bags to the left,
Car turns around in background,
Black BMW beeps at person crossing street,
Girl moves bike off screen comes back into shot and rides bike to the left following a Sainsbury’s van,
Man walks from behind talking on telephone,
Man and woman talk on background,
Boy with yellow balloon holding mans hand cross from left to right,
Traffic jam,
Talking in background ‘looks good, I’ll keep away from you’,
Three buggies in a row enter from the right,
Cabs pass each other,
Man with white sleeves pumps arms,
Bus drives past, car beeps,
Man with walking stick limps in on the left,
Pigeon’s fly,
Man in orange jacket walks diagonally towards camera,
Girls shout,
Silver car reverses behind lens,
Man in white jacket walks to the right,
Man in hood walks in from right waits for friend and walks on,
Woman with shopping trolley filled with bags slowly crosses screen,
Sound of back being wheeled girl comes into shot picks up bag and walks on, Girls say goodbye on the right,
Sound of high heels on floor,
Woman with two orange shopping bags walks to the right,
Two men come from behind and cycle in unison out of the street,
Girl in leopard print coat crosses the foreground

John Smith, Fluxus, Ken Friedman (artist written instructions)