Kathryn North

Bath School of Art and Design 2014

From Darren O'Brien
De Montfort University
Instruction Received

Darrens Instructions.

Through looking at walking as an art form you are going to explore and navigate the environment around you during the march equinox, which is taking place the 20th of march at 4:57 pm.

The Equinox is the start of spring, the sun is directly above the celestial equator, meaning that the day and night are the exact same length.!

Through out time many cultures and religions have celebrated the equinox as a time of rebirth

and new beginnings. You will be walking for the same amount of time before the equinox as after.

You will need to think about planning the walk during the run up to the 20th of march. You should be walking for an hour before and an hour after 4:57pm. !

Whilst on your walk you need to document your route. Take photos videos and collect objects that stand out for you, these could be anything, you may even wish too make sketches as you go. The walk is yours to interpret and hopefully enjoy as you will. Bring some kind of documentation that you feel really represents your experience to the tate. this could be a video a collection of photographs, or a few sketches, they should just be enough to portray your experience to the

So to break it down.

1. The equinox is on the 20th of march At 4:57pm
2. Plan a walk for this day at this time.
3. You must walk for 1 hour before and 1 hour after
4. Record the moment of the equinox.
5. Walk together with someone not alone … Record your conversation.
6. Plot your walk on a Map.
7. You must do the walk – provide evidence in any form you like.


See you at the Tate

To Darren O'Brien
De Montfort University
Instruction Sent

NWT instruction:

Every waking minuet we are bombarded with sensory information, much of which we learn to filter out and ignore. These instructions require tuning in to a specific piece of information in the form of sound.

1. Once a day for five consecutive days listen to this sound file https://soundcloud.com/darren-obrien-6/nwt-1?utm_source=soundcloud&utm_campaign=share&utm_medium=email  in its entirety without pausing.

2. Ensure that you listen with headphones and block out any external stimuli by placing yourself, alone, in a quiet dark (preferably blacked out) room.

3. Keep your eyes closed for the duration of the listening.

4. Try where possible to listen to the recording at the same time each day to introduce a sense of ritual.

5. Immediately following the last listening make a response to the ‘experience’.

You can respond in any way using any media but the work must conform to a strict timeframe, i.e. the duration of the sound-clip <3m37s>.

For example, if the response is a drawing, painting or construction then the act of drawing can take no longer that the duration of the clip and should be undertaken without pause.

If the response is a performance, video or audio file then this should match the time and you could if you like use the sound file as a backing to a video piece but it should not be edited in any way.

Enjoy – looking forward to catching up on the 28th.

Best wishes


PS please test the sound clip and let me know if it works or if you need it in a different format.